Monday, November 23, 2015

My GUM pieces

This piece has bad GUM:
Jewl is pretty cool
shes got a pool,
Shes a fool that drools
she's scary as a bunch of ghouls.                  
She sadly sank her schooner,
but she has a dog named cooner.
When Wendy went wako.
She moved to the town Lacko.
When Jewl got there,
she met a bear.
There were no bears back in Barre.
When Jewl saw the bear her faced turned red as a cherry.
This piece has good GUM:
      The first key event that happened in the Monkey's Paw, is Mr. White's old friend from the army named Sergeant Major Morris shows up the their house. Sergeant Major Morris gives Mr. White at monkey's paw that grants three men there three wishes. This is a very important event in the story because the whole story is based around this paw. Another event that changed the story is the White family decided to make a wish even though Sergeant Major Morris said there would be bad consequences. Mr. White chooses to wish for 200 pounds for his family, the only bad thing that happens is a few weeks later his son dies, Mr. and Mrs. White still haven't got their money yet. Then that night a messenger comes and tells their son had died and gave them 200 pounds. The first wish changed the story because if the wish hadn't came true or they hadn't wish then their son wouldn't have died. The story would have to be rewritten because the rest of the book is about them trying to get him back. The last event that happened was Mr. And Mrs. White thought they had a great idea and wished their son back but, there was a problem, he came back the same way we died plus he had been underground form two weeks. This might be one of the biggest events because the White's have to wish their son dead again because he comes knocking on their door in many pieces and then they have no wishes left. As I said these three events changed the story for good.

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