Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Good Evidence Piece

    The setting puts a scary or frightening impact on Dave Eggers story. The setting in this story puts a scary impact on it because Dave Egger used the phrase “Not after what happened to a girl name Francis Brandywine.” To me, this freaked me out a lot because I inferred that something bad or scary was going to happen, and it did. Another quote I found that made the setting scary was “They were in a remote part of the park, camped on the shore of one of the deeper lakes, a lonely body of water carved millions of years ago by a passing glacier. The deep part of this particular lake was rumored to be about 300 feet. This frightened me because Dave Egger decided to use the words “remote”, “lonely body of water” and “300 feet.”, which are very scary words or phrases. The last quote I found that frightened me was “The boat was found on shore the next day, empty but for the journal. On those pages were her frantic jottings, all written in her distinctive handwriting, all but the last page.” I found this quote very scary because the boat was empty (so she died) and when she was alive she was writing very fast, so she was scared or flustered which means there was something freaky. In all Dave Eggers aced it if he was trying to make the setting as scary and frightening as possible. 


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