Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Good Analysis/Reasoning Piece

    A story element that changes  Dave Eggers Scary Story is the setting and characters. An example is the quote “a lonely body of water carved millions of years ago by a passing glacier. The deep part of this particular lake was rumored to be about 300 feet.” This changed the story because the words “rumored to be about 300 feet deep.” put a chill down your back, and because it was made to be a scary story it definitely changed the whole thing. Another piece of evidence to prove the setting changes the story is when she started rowing but didn't move. This showed that characters changed the story because then she knew that there was a new character, a living animal under her boat stopping her from  moving. If this didn't happen then she could have rowed back to land and got away safely. One last reason is that the quote “The first was to lower one of the oars into the black water, trying to feel if there was some land mass, even some creature she could touch. As soon as the oar broke the water's surface, though, she felt a strong, silent tug at the other end, and the oar was pulled under.” This shows that characters changed the story because now the small chance that maybe her boat had gotten stuck on something was eliminated, and also the beast or monster under her boat was very capable of doing things. In all the story was changed in very scary ways by the setting and the characters in Dave Eggers Scary Story.  

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