Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Good Writing Process Piece

      Have you ever judged a person by how they look or stereotype someone? Do you know what that can do? Like the stereotypes greaser and soc, in the book The Outsiders written S.E. Hinton. One of main themes in this book is how bad and wrong stereotypes are. One example from the book that shows stereotypes are wrong and bad is in the conversation with Randy and Pony, and at the end Randy convinces Pony Socs are just guys too. This shows that stereotypes are bad because the whole time Pony though these Socs are bad people but on the inside they are the same as him. Another piece of evidence from the text showing stereotypes are bad is when Johnny gets beat up and Cherry says “All Socs aren't like that,”. This also shows how bad stereotypes are bad because Pony thinks all Socs are people who go around beating people up but really the aren't, just some are. The last piece of evidence I have to back up my thinking is the sunset conversation with Pony and Cherry when cherry asks Pony if he watches sunsets because she does too. This shows that stereotypes are wrong, because Greasers think Socs are just rich jerks, and Socs think Greasers are just poor, bad people when really they aren't they're the same and some of them even watch the same sunset. In all The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton really showed how awful and wrong stereotypes can be. This book showed me to never use stereotypes and to not judge people. 

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